Walk In The Woods


Wish you could hike the stunning Appalachian Trail without leaving your desk? We did too. Partnering with Broad Green Pictures for “A Walk in the Woods,” starring legendary actors Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, we made the dreams of long-time Bill Bryson fans and aspiring hikers like ourselves come true. How? We launched a large scale immersive digital experience, allowing fans and newbies alike to #TakeAHike of America’s most spectacular countryside. At the click of a button, users get breathtaking original photography, user-generated photos, shareable social assets, and hilarious tips from cast members.

Then, inspired by the adventure and friendship of “A Walk in the Woods,” we built an experience that allowed long-lost friends to reconnect via Facebook Connect by sending custom digital postcards proposing a brand new adventure together, whether it’s backpacking the Silk Road or diving the Great Barrier Reef.

Walk In The Woods - Take a Hike Website

The Social Campaign

A Walk in the Woods is a journey into the human heart between two old friends embarking on an adventure in the second half of their lives. They set out on the 2,000-mile Appalachian Trail rediscovering their friendship while sharing epic moments along the way. Ignition partnered with Broad Green Pictures to create the #TakeAHike campaign that reinvigorated a thirst for adventure amongst an older audience, bringing the journey of two old friends into their hearts and homes – all with a sense of humor and dash of wit.

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