The Art Of Self-Defense


After extensive training sessions with Bleecker Street, we mastered the ancient art of movie promotion for our digital and social work on The Art of Self-Defense. Exploring the themes of toxic masculinity and the dark comedic tone of the film, we sucker-punched the internet with a unique campaign that delivered on the bizarre promise of the story.

What we did: Strategic Insights / Creative Content / Reactive / Community Management


Introducing Casey

Dynamic video assets introduced our “hero” while teasing the dark comedic tone of the film.


Adopting the point of view of Sensei’s most dedicated student, we punched and kicked our way through fans’ accounts. Maintaining the confidence and complete lack of self-awareness that makes the Sensei so subtly hilarious in the film, we promoted hyper-masculinity and praised all things aggressive in a slew of reactive comments that got the internet talking.

Social Content

We created striking assets that used key moments to tease the plot in intriguing ways and highlighted secondary characters, widening our audience base.

Wrong! Series

Turning the notion of an internet poll on its head, we asked a simple question only to reveal that both answers were wrong. And the correct answer was always an absurd act of aggression.

Man Cliches

Juxtaposing well-known masculine quotes with Casey’s timid behavior drove home the distinct tone of the film.


A movie this unique deserved unprecedented countdowns. Rather than going the traditional route of listing days until release, we paired energetic calls to action with scenes that drove home the anticipation.

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