This isn’t your average good-guy-in-a-tough-spot story. This is the new American dream. This is business. Power. Survival. To give fans a strikingly fresh look at the law, tech, and 21st century startup culture, we created a social campaign that positioned the second season of Crackle’s original series StartUp as a thrillingly modern crime drama. Our campaign raised the stakes and pulled fans into the narrative with high-energy teasers, character cards, custom webcam videos, Facebook and Instagram ads, and even a 6-part video series to trace the inner workings of the darknet. Interested? Good. Now try to keep up.


Welcome to the future of crime. We built off the first season of StartUp and attracted new fans with custom video assets that established the new faces, new threats, new ambitions, and new sacrifices that arise in Season 2.


Now that fans were curious, we re-introduced our main characters and the cost of their ambitions with quote cards and intriguing videos to show just how much was going to change in Season 2. And to maximize the campaign’s reach, we leveraged talent to shoot cryptic webcam videos and hosted a Facebook Live Q&A with Adam Brody and Ron Perlman that led up to an exclusive clip release.


We were done playing it safe. Trailer teasers, countdowns, character-focused Instagram stories, and cliffhanger moments reminded fans that everyone and everything has a dark side. And to really get people talking in the days leading up to the premiere, we created a “Tales from the Darknet” video series that highlighted bizarre, semi-fictional stories from the depths the darknet.

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Our posts generated a ton of buzz, and our social media team hustled to engage viewers. GIFs and tense, unapologetic post copy ensured that our audience was fully invested in the StartUp culture.


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