We were thrilled to partner with Disney as our copilot for Solo: A Star Wars Story. To sustain momentum from its theatrical release and drive even more excitement for the home entertainment release, we created a riveting social campaign complete with custom videos, Facebook covers, Twitter headers, interactive Instagram stories, and social polls designed to engage and entertain. From highlighting Han Solo’s signature attitude to celebrating iconic Star Wars moments and all the fun in between, we couldn’t wait to invite fans to bring home the greatest adventure in the galaxy.

Social Campaign

Nobody Flies Solo (#Bromance) and Be Like Lando

To kick off the campaign, we focused on the iconic characters, from Han and Chewie’s friendship to the swagger of Lando. These social videos paired key moments with dynamic copy to create fun, shareable assets and build excitement for the home entertainment release.

Facebook & Instagram Polls

Our Facebook and Instagram polls introduced story elements, inviting fans to connect with the characters and put themselves in the middle of the action. Engaging users kept the conversation going as we counted down the days until the home entertainment release.

Who’s Your Copilot?

Utilizing the user behavior of skipping ahead, we drove traffic to Instagram stories with this motion asset that directed fans to tap the desired amount to reach their favorite copilot. Users were then served a special clip of that character - personalizing the experience and motivating them to purchase the film.

Tour the Falcon

Using behind-the-scenes footage, we created a unique IG story that allowed fans to tour this iconic ship. With Lando as their guide, this piece teased a featurette that would be included with the home entertainment release, building excitement in the days before fans could bring home this must-own movie event.

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