Grab your best friend — it’s time to save the world. For the home entertainment release of Rampage, our mission was clear: to bring the action-packed thrills of the film home to fans while keeping our campaign distinct from the theatrical release. Partnering with Warner Bros., we created a series of custom illustrations, animations, and graphic effects that leveraged the nostalgia of the 1980s video game while bringing the uproarious destruction of the film to life.


To kick off the campaign, we put a clever spin on Instagram Stories to make it seem like fans were receiving an incoming video call from The Rock himself. As soon as they “answered,” fans received a custom, shareable clip from the star to build hype for the Rampage home release.


George, Lizzie, and Ralph love to climb everything: buildings, trees — even your social feeds. For these unique carousels, fans turned their phones sideways and scrolled to watch the monsters of Rampage scale skyscrapers while wreaking havoc along the way.


Just when you thought they couldn’t get any bigger… they grew three times their size. By prompting fans to tap through the Instagram Story, we let fans discover for themselves just how enormous the beasts of Rampage could get.


A film with larger-than-life characters like Rampage had plenty of opportunities for larger-than-life comedy. Using custom animations and film footage, this hilarious meme series paired relatable situations with monstrous reactions — playing up the laughs alongside the absurd adventure.


To pay homage to the Rampage arcade game, we created nostalgic assets to reintroduce the film’s main characters and their key stats. This ultimate throwback included an ‘80s graphic treatment and complementary sound bed to evoke plenty of warm memories for fans of the original video game.


Every great movie monster has a terrifying roar. By featuring our mutants’ loudest and most destructive sound bytes, these custom mashup videos encouraged fans to bring home the film for a screaming good time.


Despite all the monster action and impressive stunts, everyone loves a good blooper reel. This custom video series paired some of the best one-liners from the film with quick shots of the cast in more candid moments to encourage fans to bring home the laughs.


In these dynamic countdowns, we played off the action and brought it front and center with animated type. From explosions to crash landings, these motion assets gave our fans a taste of Rampage’s extreme mayhem.


  • Clio Key Art

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