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Ignition developed and executed an extensive, integrated campaign for Ridley Scott’s, Prometheus that would roll out over several months. Mixing traditional with transmedia storytelling, we brought the world of Prometheus to life as fans watched original videos, trained for a deep-space mission and participated in an array of other experiences. Forbes, Mashable, Ad Age, Fast Company and others held up the campaign as a benchmark for digital marketing.

Prometheus Case Study

Weyland Industries

The Weyland Industries website served as the campaign’s central hub and was used to generate interest and high-value content that expanded the Prometheus mythology. Fans could “invest” in the company, dig deeper to discover secret content, review its entire 83-year history and share assets related to Project Prometheus. As a whole, the site expanded the world of the film and spawned conversation across the social web.

  • Prometheus: Weyland Industries
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Project Prometheus Case Study Video

We worked with 20th Century Fox to create a sophisticated, multi-phased transmedia campaign focused around Weyland Industries and Project Prometheus the would allow fans to meaningfully interact with the world of the film.

  • Prometheus Transmedia Campaign


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