Having worked with Crackle on their acquired content and original series for a little while now, we were incredibly excited when Party Boat came floating in. Our campaign was centered around two fundamental pillars: a party, and a boat. We took the premise to its logical awesome extreme, embracing the fun of the movie while staying true to the essence of the Crackle brand. This freedom let us create content that was funny, visually striking, and most of all, shareable. Our social campaign included character banners, meme-worthy images and GIFs, Facebook and Instagram ads, and, of course, boat puns galore.



The best parties are the ones where you don’t quite know what’s going to happen. With that philosophy, we teased out Party Boat with some static images containing our very best boat puns.


We knew that the characters would be the ones who determined if Party Boat would sink or swim. Good thing they’re pretty great, so we were more than happy to show them off with our character series. We also added motion to each one so they’d really rock the boat.

Building Awareness

In the weeks leading up to the Party Boat premiere, we got our audience ready for the cruise of a lifetime. We capitalized on popular trends with our Salty Tweets and Thirsty Thursday series, created meme-worthy GIFs and images and drummed up excitement with a trailer countdown.


As soon as Party Boat set sail, we made sure everyone was on board. Party rules, cast interviews, and hilarious clips let our viewers know that the party was on and they were welcome to join.

Paid Social

Running Reactive

Our Party Boat posts generated a ton of buzz, and our social media team was all hands on deck to engage viewers. GIFs and sharp post copy ensured that our audience kept laughing even after the movie was over.


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