Mafia III

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The Mafia franchise is known for immersing gamers into the violent world of the Italian mob — but in Mafia III, an outsider takes the driver’s seat. Enter Lincoln Clay, a black Vietnam veteran out to avenge the brutal killing of his family. With an updated website, stunning artwork, evocative banners, and riveting motion posters, the seedy world of New Bordeaux was born, and the pre-orders came rolling in.

Unexpected characters, vibrant sounds, gritty streets, relentless danger — these things make up the dark heart of Mafia III. To introduce Lincoln Clay and his adopted family of criminals, we created eye-catching art that brought together each member of the crew with violent and realistic scenes from New Bordeaux.

With Lincoln’s motto, Family is who you die for, splashed across our banners, fan interest reached a fever pitch. We sustained interest with a site that expanded the world of the game and encouraged users to discover each character’s backstory. An interactive family tree allowed fans to explore the lifelike narratives of the main characters, and the roots of New Bordeaux underworld.

Key Art

Motion Posters

  • Lincoln
  • Cassandra
  • Burke
  • Vito
  • Marcanos
  • Mentors



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