Little Big Planet

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Stand Small. These are two little words with a big message. In a gaming landscape dominated by shooters, RPGs and endless sports franchises, Little Big Planet is a champion of endless creativity, weirdness and fun. Ignition’s task was to showcase just how different Little Big Planet 3 is in a way that celebrates the inspired community of gamers.

Handcrafted Videos

To illustrate the creativity that powers Little Big Planet 3 and its incredible in-game creation tool, we reached out to the community and invited them to craft their own unique levels for the launch trailer and other videos.

  • Shooter Trailer
  • Little Big Planet 3 – Official TV Commercial
  • Community Crafted Launch Trailer
  • 20 Years of Playstation


The campaign culminated in the “Sackathon,” a community event at the Playstation Experience in Las Vegas. Handpicked creators gave crafting workshops and the global Little Big Planet community came together to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of user-generated LBP levels created in a 24-hour period.


Sackboy can be anything you want him to be, which means he can also react to anything on the Internet. And for our social campaign, he did just that. Sackboy had something to say about every holiday, movie premiere and online trend. And fans were listening.

Banner Campaign

In Little Big Planet 3, Sackboy is joined by three new friends. We wanted to give them a proper introduction and showcase the personality of each character by putting them right in your face. To further feature the customization in LBP3, we developed a unit in which fans could customize a Sackboy and download it to their console.


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