Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles

AVPrintIntegrated Campaign:


Billie Eilish redefined the concert film with this story of an artist’s journey of self-reflection and transformation, and we were happier than ever to partner with Disney+ to deliver the full campaign for the musical event of the year. Our key art exploration needed to match the look and feel of her new album while still being distinct to the movie. We designed an elegant title treatment and created the poster that would announce her project to a global fan base.


We then created a series of teasers, TV spots, and a final trailer that spoke to the themes of change, duality and introspection while illuminating the voice of a generation in a whole new light. In collaboration with the filmmakers and the studio, our campaign set the scene for the impactful musical storytelling spectacle of the final film, and the overwhelming fan response was music to our ears.




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