Fox TV’s Gotham explores the Batman universe from a new angle, taking fans back to the critical years immediately after the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. It tracks the emotional and personal path young Bruce takes on his road to becoming Batman and puts focus on a fledgling Commissioner Gordon as he first encounters Gotham City’s most legendary villains.

To delve deeper into the untold stories the show exposes, Ignition created The Gotham Chronicle, a Tumblr-hosted digital newspaper. The site offers fans an array of in-world content like breaking news, investigative posts and local blurbs on all of Gotham’s most significant events.

The Gotham Chronicle Website

On a dynamic, custom-built Tumblr site, we chronicled Gotham story lines and settings with highly shareable images, GIFs, in-world ads and feature articles for a fully immersive experience.

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Gotham Never Sleeps

To give fans an authentic and intriguing online news experience, we turned pivotal plot points into myriad assets including dark and moody front-page stories, wildly wicked animated GIFs, custom illustrated posters, leaked security stills and much more. Who said the news was boring?


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