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Premiering in 2003, Arrested Development chronicled the misadventures and hilarious dysfunctions of the Bluth family. The show earned critical raves and a large cult audience, but was abruptly cancelled after three seasons. When Netflix made the bold and surprising decision to revive the series for a fourth season, Ignition was tasked with building a campaign that leveraged the show’s popularity and attracted new audiences.

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  • The Return

Meet the Bluth Family

From a failed actor who let fans “insert him anywhere” in his hopeless quest to impress James Cameron, to a bumbling magician who took over an animated billboard in Times Square, the Bluth family left no digital stone unturned when it came time to say hello to new and old fans alike.

  • Insert Me Anywhere
  • Tobias Funkes Sizzling Reel
  • Fakeblock Mobile App
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A Cult Following

Ignition created a robust social program that captured fans’ imaginations from the start. A giant community viewing party got things rolling and continued with fan awards, hilarious social assets and executive producer Ron Howard himself reading fan tweets in the same way he narrates every episode.

  • Youre Gonna Get Some Walkons Contest
  • Bananathon


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  • Clio Key Art

  • The Webby Awards

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