The Shallows


The Shallows is a nerve-wracking thriller, starring Blake Lively as Nancy, a young woman on a seemingly harmless quest for sun, surf, and self-discovery. But in the midst of her adventure, she falls victim to the bite of a bloodthirsty shark. Our goal was to pique the interest of thrillseekers with highly shareable, compelling content – leaving them high, dry, and wanting more. Will Nancy sink or survive? Fans will be heading to theaters this summer to find out.

Behind the Scenes

Truth is, anyone of us could find ourselves in Nancy’s situation. So in partnership with Sony, we did just that and thrust ourselves into her shoes – heading to sunny Exuma in the Bahamas to capture original content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Because of the film’s distinct location, just any image wouldn’t do. A special 4-day shoot where we could control the environment and replicate the film’s aesthetic allowed us to accurately capture the island’s landscape and most importantly – a good surf break.

With a small crew in tow we chartered boats to various sites, capturing sharks in their rawest, most natural states. Diving cageless with a RED Dragon to get the perfect shot? Taking flight with a Phantom 3 Drone? Yup, we did that – defining what it means to find yourself lost in paradise.

Social Campaign

With a slight sunburn and 385 GB of footage in hand our team went to work, crafting a stunning social campaign that expanded the world of The Shallows and magnified its insidious sense of distress and anxiety.


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