Kings of Con is slightly obnoxious, absolutely hilarious, and every so often, completely uncalled for. Our goal was simple: to make sure the show’s online presence let the talent’s super fans know exactly what they were in store for.

Anchored by our tender loving community management, our work reached a wide array of engaged fans and new friends all around the world. We created content that focused on the self-deprecating, over-the-top humor and vibrant personalities that embody the show. From conceptual videos, animated reactive GIFs, and conversation-driving copy, our Kings of Con campaign perfectly complemented its con-loving creators.

Social campaign

The Kings of Con social campaign was built upon the singular belief that everyone, no matter what planet you come from, what your super power is, or what rare collectable you own, that we are all pretty much the same. Turns out, we missed the mark a bit on that one, but what we did find out is that when something is funny, people will laugh. Piggybacking off the humor of the show, we set out to create a fun, approachable and sometimes NSFW campaign, that used vibrant colors, sharp copy and motion to create feed stopping content.

Our Reactive

Our reactive played a big part in this campaign and we made sure that we were chewing the fat with as many fans as possible. To accomplish this, we used a combo of copy responses as well as custom GIF’s to keep conversations going, answer any burning questions, and even tease upcoming episodes. The fans had fun, we had fun, which made the whole campaign fun.


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