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​He’s not a global protector or a guardian of the galaxy. Daredevil is a street-level hero. Netflix partnered with Ignition to launch this highly-anticipated original Marvel series with a campaign focused on the iconic heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen.

We developed an immersive print, AV, digital, social, and experiential campaign that took fans from the skyline of New York City to the streets of Hell’s Kitchen and across the world.

Daredevil TV Date Announce GRFX Teaser

Ignition’s motion graphics team used 3D projection mapping to transform the Daredevil poster into an immersive, urban environment featuring an intense soundscape that speaks to the main character’s special skills, and the show’s bold logo emblazoned across the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

Key Art & Motion

The print campaign cleverly focused on the one tell-tell sign that reveals Matt Murdock as Daredevil—his bloody Knuckles. We created a full print campaign with teasers, key art and OOH.


The Netflix Daredevil social campaign delighted fans with behind-the-scenes and original video content spread out over 6 months. The response was unbelievable.

We generated a 332 percent increase in followers on Facebook, a 282 percent increase on Twitter and a 440 percent increase on Instagram since March 30th.


For the launch campaign of this Netflix Original we took fans street level, from the NYC skyline to an alleyways in a highly immersive and dynamic YouTube Masthead.

Daredevil is a lawyer by day and vigilante by night so we made sure to alter his costumes for the appropriate time of day. We revealed the highly anticipated red suit at the peak of YouTube’s traffic (around 6pm). As fans explored further into the streets, they watched the exciting trailers which led to a beautiful street scene. As the video ended the scene became interactive offering easter eggs from the show that connect to the Marvel universe.

The ad was very successful, delivering over 36M impressions while logging a total of 12,460 hours of Brand Interaction Time.


Visit Tumblr Site for the experiential campaign.


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